Height (H)640 mm - 25,19 inches
Width (A)180 mm - 7,08 inches
Depth (B)352 mm - 13,85 inches
Connected load230 V - 50 Hz
Power525 W
Grinding burrs speed1350 rpm
Net weight16 kg
BurrsØ 64 mm. Plain
Hopper capacity1,5 kg / 3,3 lb
Production per hour8 kg/h
Grinder capacity4 g/s
Single dose5 - 18 g
Double dose5 - 28 g

Frequent questions

All MARKIBAR grinders come with a coffee dispenser for one or two coffee doses. They can work in either On Demand mode for maximum ground coffee freshness or Pre-ground mode for maximum speed.

All our grinders have different systems to request delivery of one or two coffees: One coffee key, Two coffee key, Last key and Double click (see instruction manual for details).

On high-end models, a porta-filter identification system can be selected which automatically recognises the porta-filter used without barista intervention.

Our grinders dose coffee by time and the dose time for one or two coffees can be programmed separately. We will soon be bringing out a grinder which doses coffee by weight.

All our models record the number of one coffee and two coffee servings since the last reset. The IZAGA model also keeps total count since installation.

The IZAGA is designed for establishments with high coffee consumption. It has long-life burrs with an estimated life of approximately 1,800 kg of coffee.

The hopper and the backlit panel on the door can be customised.

The IZAGA grinder is available in White/Aluminium and Black/Anthracite.

The IZAGA grinder can come with a manual keypad or TFT, Barista mode (without tamper), different porta-filter holders (standard, Marzocco Strada, Marzocco KB-90), different voltages and frequencies: 230V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz.


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