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The web page (hereinafter, the “website”) is a personal web site designed to provide information on Law and New Technologies. The author of the content and owner of the website is Markibar Innovacion, SLL (hereinafter the “Owner”), limited partnership located in Pol. Ind. Noain-Esquiroz. c/G n.24 31191 ESQUIROZ, Navarra (EspaƱa), CIF : B71025969 or people he invited.

LEGAL NOTICE This is to regulate the access, navigation and, in general, the relationship between the website and users of the same (hereinafter “users”).


This is guaranteed by DISCLAIMER privacy in electronic service delivery in accordance with legal
requirements and reports on the Protection Policy Personal Data for users to determine freely and
voluntarily whether they wish to provide personal information through the means at their disposal on the website.
Users consent to the processing of personal data by the owner of the website in the terms described below:

* Confidentiality in the processing of personal data of Users

The owner guarantees the confidentiality of personal information provided by users and automated
processing according to the legislation on protection of personal data (Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulation, and all the rules on this matter).
The owner has adopted the security levels of protection of personal data defined in the rules, and has
installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration,
unauthorized access and data theft provided personal.

Personal data collected will be automatically processed and incorporated into the relevant files by the owner of the website.

The owner of the website will allow users to permanently access to this document so that, prior to the
delivery of personal data, they can give their consent to the owner of the website applicable to automatic processing of personal data .

The website owner reserves the right to amend this data protection policy to adapt to new and / or legislative and legal requirements and industry practices, taking into consideration at all times the legitimate interests holders of data.

Certain services provided through the website may contain conditions with specific provisions on the
protection of personal data. It is essential to read and accept prior to the presentation of the service

* Personal data collected
The simple user access to this blog will result in your IP collected for statistical purposes, as described in the section entitled “Use of Cookies and file activity. Website monitoring “of this text. Also, the user can decide to send by e-mail via form or other personal data such as e-mail address, name or phone number.

* Purpose of the collection and processing of personal data

The collection and processing of personal data as a result of browsing through the pages of the website , consultation , request or subscribe for any service / s offered by the website owner has the purposes detailed below: ( i ) the management, administration and delivery of services in which the user decides to register or use , ( ii ) the quantitative and qualitative study of the views and the use of services by users, ( iii ) report , allowing the reader to publicly comment , answer queries and obtain statistical data on them , and ( iiii ) the sending by traditional and / or electronic information about products and services offered by the website owner .

* Users’ rights regarding their personal data

Data and treatments that are submitted will be only referred to in this disclaimer. Users have and may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by communication addressed to the owner of the website to email

* Use of Cookies and file activity . Monitoring website

The website uses cookies when a user browses your sites and pages. Cookies used by the website are files sent to a browser by a web server to record user activities on the website and allow a more seamless and personalized navigation. The user can configure your browser to prevent the entry of these, block or , where appropriate, eliminate them. To use the website , it is not necessary for the user to permit the installation of the cookies sent by the website.

Similarly, the website web servers automatically detect the IP address and network name used by the user . All this information is recorded in a file server activity that allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to obtain statistical measurements that reveal the number of page impressions, the number of visits to the web services, etc.

* Transfer of personal data of users to third parties

The website owner does not transfer the personal data of users to be found throughout the website to third parties without your express consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user consents to that personal data are transferred when so required by the competent injunctive or administrative authorities .


The website owner provides its services and content on an ongoing basis using all technical means at their disposal to make such provision satisfactorily . The content of this website does not constitute or replace professional advice, so the owner of the website disclaims any responsibility , direct or indirect , arising from the use or application of the information on this site outside of its purposes.

The website owner may make changes to the information contained in the website and the services provided through it without having the right to claim or any compensation to the user.

The website owner is not responsible for damages of any nature arising from the non-availability or continued operation of the website. Likewise, the owner of the website is not responsible for any failure or damage, direct or indirect, that may be caused to the user’s computer system or to the files stored on it , due to virus or any other malicious application that could be housed on the website. Similarly, the user is informed that this website is built on WordPress and contains many plugins installed for safety or reliability can not be tested before being put into service , however , they only acquired from sources or official catalogs it is presumed that such reliability can not be guaranteed .

The website owner is not responsible for damages or losses of any nature arising from the knowledge that third parties may gain unauthorized data users and the use they make them .

The owner prepares the content of the website in Spanish . Translations into other languages to which users can access either directly or through the links found on the website are provided by automatic translation services like Google Translation Services, Promt Online Translator , Altavista Babel Fish or FreeTranslator to Global Translator plugin through the Nothing2Hide . The main page of the website shows only updated its Spanish language version , the provided language versions may have a cumulative gap of more than 30 days to the current date.

The website owner is not responsible for content, terms or discharged, and posted by users of the web site reviews, the latter being his sole responsibility for all purposes . The owner reserves the right to perform any action or operation of moderation, including editing or deletion of offensive , rude or any other messages deemed inappropriate . It warns the user that moderating operations will be conducted periodically , provided that the owner has time for it , and in any event prior to its effective publication thereof in order to ensure , as far as possible, the fundamental right to freedom of expression in its highest range. However, it warns of the existence of active automatic tools that control and block messages that appear to be spam before publication .


The text and graphics included on the website , as well as its presentation and layout , are the exclusive property of the website owner or it holds the necessary exploitation rights . Without limiting the foregoing , trade names , trademarks or logos appearing to which reference is made in this website belong to their respective owners and are protected by the current legislation on the matter .

The use of hyperlinks to the website , both as a main interior is allowed. Also the use or reproduction of the content , in whole or in part , is permitted, leaving it under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Spain license , the text of development can be accessed here ( This excludes license all images except those whose authorship appropriate to the owner and it is mentioned expressly and unequivocally ) .

Any application, processing or use of the contents included in the website for purposes contrary to law , morality or public order are prohibited.

It warns that most of the images used to illustrate the website pages and entries are taken from separate databases after acquisition of the relevant licenses. The other pictures are typical .


LEGAL NOTICE This and the rest of the contents of the website are governed by Spanish law , being subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Pamplona any dispute, claim or controversy about it.

For any questions regarding this LEGAL NOTICE , the user can contact the owner of the website by writing to the email address